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I subscribe to the idea that our intelligence is seen in our flexibility to adapt to the changing complexity of situations – both the people involved and their context. So intelligence is to be seen in our actions not in our thoughts and words.

So my teaching aims at optimizing the possibility of changes in action in participants.

2020 has forced me to go deeply inwards and ride the COV19 storm (as a High Risk person!) and discover my own flexibility intelligence. It has taken a disparate and separate collection of past UCT EMBA students to drag me into the ZOOM world. I have been surprised at the feedback I have received where I apparently am still able to provoke and challenge. More strikingly, it seems as if ZOOM breakout rooms give participants a greater degree of personal safety and allows a deeper sharing and vulnerability.

I’ve recently tried to make some sense of my journey into an enhanced ZOOM teaching world in the form of two Blogs on the theme of Love (and Work) in a Time of Corona.

Two particular initiatives are asking me to build on the exciting challenges of 2019 where two companies (Computacenter and Dundee Precious Metals (Tsumeb) implemented initiatives asked me to work with the full management team from middle to the senior executive team including CEO of both companies.

I am always amazed at the way new challenges and possibilities manifest themselves each year. Already in 2020 I was given the chance to work one-on-one with a participant from one of my corporate programmes at my home for the day. It was a wonderful experiential interaction where we also took the opportunity to get a sense of the greater context of our work by kayaking.

There are typically three types of Teaching that I am currently involved in, the first two of which I offer directly to the client:

Executive Leadership Programme. (NOT BEING OFFERED IN 2020). 3 x 2 day modules spread over 5 – 6 months with a follow-up day scheduled approximately six months after the end of module 3. This programme has been put on hold for 2020.

Personal Leadership Programme. (OFFERED VIA ZOOM IN 2020). An initial two day workshop with a follow-up two days scheduled approximately two/three months later. This programme has been redesigned to consist of 12 x 2-3 hour ZOOM sessions offered in three separate batches.

Other courses. I teach on a number of other courses for several institutions as well as independent programme co-ordinators. This year I also want to start exploring the possibility of making one of the most powerful leadership-in-action experiences from ELP accessible to a wider audience.

I am also involved in Coaching (both in person and via Skype) and occasionally agree to be Speaker at Company conferences or Workshops.

Contact: chris.breen@uct.ac.za