I believe that our immersion from birth into the machine-based complicated paradigm of systems, structures and processes has brought us to a crisis point in our lives. We spend each working day going at top speed on our hamster wheels ticking off items on our to-do list and desperately trying to reach the targets set by others. And at the end of the day we bring the worst of ourselves home to our loved ones.

In my sessions I try to disrupt our taken-for-granted assumptions and unconscious behavior by setting the class up as a real-life, real-time micro-laboratory where each participant gets a glimpse into themselves in action.

I am looking to enhance the awareness of each participant as they develop their own personal leadership qualities necessary for carrying out their daily lives with wisdom and appropriate actions that are aligned with a commitment to adding to the strength of the human spirit both in their homes and in the work place.

My transformational teaching methodology has its roots in the anti-apartheid struggles in schools in the mid-eighties when I was teaching at the University of Cape Town (UCT). I committed myself then to exploring and developing a suitable theory and practice through both research and personal exploration in the classroom. This journey was rewarded with both UCT’s Distinguished Teacher Award and a National Research Foundation’s C+ research rating.