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It’s a Long and Winding Road (Good Enough Series Blog 2): Embracing the Warrior

October 27, 2019, Author: Chris Breen

Just over a year ago I wrote a blog called ‘I am good enough’ in honour of a group of women leaders I had been teaching on a leadership course. In that blog I shared some some of my personal story and my history of not feeling good enough. I interlaced my narrative with some […]

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GUEST HOUSE REVISITED: Hinge Moments and Other Stories

July 16, 2019, Author: Chris Breen

Hinge Moments are the amazing moments that occur when one is happily minding one’s own business and is then suddenly interrupted by life. When this interruption is also one of our triggers the resulting response can be very unhelpful.  Catching hinge moments is a game that has an enormous pay-off when one succeeds and echoes […]

Leadership, Life, Teaching and Learning

This Being Human is a Guest House

November 16, 2018, Author: Chris Breen

Hinge Moments occur when the natural flow of one’s life of one’s life is suddenly interrupted by an outside force. At that moment, a door of opportunity opens for us to make an intelligent adult choice of action. Unfortunately, on most occasions the hinge moment passes with us blithely ignorant of its presence with a […]

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I AM GOOD ENOUGH! (Good Enough Series Blog 1)

September 6, 2018, Author: Chris Breen

This Blog is dedicated to the courageous group of women with whom I worked on a recent leadership module in Europe. As we journeyed into a space of vulnerability and truth and openness, I found my heart overflowing with a huge grief for the pain they shared as they judged themselves as being not good […]


Stepping into the Magical Flow of Presence

March 30, 2018, Author: Chris Breen

David Whyte discusses the Three Marriages that we face  in our lives – Marriage to Self, Other and Work. He believes that we cannot have a good marriage to Other and Work if we do not have a good marriage to Self! The trouble is that marriage to Self involves silence and going inwards whereas […]

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Expanding the Foundations of Biocentric Education

January 30, 2018, Author: Chris Breen

I have revised this piece of writing from a year or two ago and re-posted it as I will be referring to aspects of Biocentric Education in a future post and it helps to have some background available to interested readers. Biocentric Education is a branch of the work inspired by the creator of Biodanza, […]


Plasticity in Organisations

November 12, 2017, Author: Chris Breen

This is the second of two Blogs I wrote in early November 2017 in preparation for a talk/workshop in Switzerland. The first Blog explored the topic of Agility in Organisations.   There is a short article by Maturana and Bunnell called The Biology of Business: Love Expands Intelligence which has been a source of continued inspiration […]


Agility in Organisations

November 10, 2017, Author: Chris Breen

This Blog on Agility in Organisations is Part One of two Blogs I wrote in early November 2017 in preparation for a talk/workshop I was going to give later that month in Switzerland. The company had embarked on a training/learning programme which focused on Agility and so I wanted to start thinking about some dimensions […]

Teaching and Learning

Student Deadlines and Extensions

October 20, 2017, Author: Chris Breen

One of the least satisfying aspects of teaching comes at assignment submission time. Suddenly my email inbox is flooded with all sorts of pleas for late submission. This year I decided to do something different. A month before the assignment was due I sent out the following email: Sent: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 5:50 PM [...]

Teaching and Learning

Moving into Wisdom

October 19, 2017, Author: Chris Breen

Most of my teaching programmes end in the same way. We finish all business during the last day. This includes personal reflections, goodbye messages to each other in our journals and a public utterance of our intentions for the road ahead. And then we have one last break and come back for a final movement [...]