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I subscribe to the idea that our intelligence is seen in our flexibility to adapt to the changing complexity of situations – both the people involved and their context. So intelligence is to be seen in our actions not in our thoughts and words.

So my teaching aims at optimizing the possibility of changes in action in participants.

And then COV-19 arrived in March 2020 – and the world changed! All my planned corporate programmes were cancelled. My UCT EMBA teaching was all that remained, but I was required to convert my much researched and tested methodology from deeply personal, face-to-face interaction to the distancing online world of Zoom! It was a time of enormous anxiety, failure and experimentation that I have tried to describe in a series of Blogs on this website: Love (and Work) in a Time of Corona: Parts One , Two and Three.

Since the challenge of that first EMBA online session in June 2020, two past EMBA students and a GSB colleague  challenged me by asking me to run a full Personal Leadership Programme for their teams in 2021 and my learning really deepened. I spent an enormous amount of time re-designing my online sessions to focus on the central core Canonical concept being addressed and then choosing the appropriate way of engaging participants with these concepts in as embodied a way as possible. I was delighted when the 2021 exiting GSB EMBA class awarded me Teaching Awards for ‘Most Memorable’; Most Relevant to My Context; and ‘Most Changed the Way I Think’.

I also received the news this week that two of the participants from the Executive Leadership Programme I ran for six years for Deloitte, have just been selected as CEO-Elect and Chair of the Board for Deloitte Africa as from June 2022. They are both wonderful people who fully engaged with the programme and I am excited to know they will have a deep impact on Deloitte in the coming years.

I look forward to seeing which way the winds of 2022 blow and where and how they will impact on my journey.

Contact: chris.breen@uct.ac.za