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I subscribe to the idea that our intelligence is seen in our flexibility to adapt to the changing complexity of situations – both the people involved and their context. So intelligence is to be seen in our actions not in our thoughts and words.

So my teaching aims at optimizing the possibility of changes in action in participants.

The Covid years forced me to dramatically redesign the content and methodology of my programmes and it was at different times both harrowing and exciting (see the series of Blogs on this website: Love (and Work) in a Time of Corona: Parts One , Two and Three.

2022 saw me slowly come out of hiding as clients discovered and re-taught me the power of my methodology in face-to-face sessions. I particularly enjoyed expanding the challenge of expanding each of our Healthy Archetypes and came to strongly believe that developing a Healthy Sovereign is the ultimate challenge of all leaders. It was a great privilege to explore this aspect with Eco’s from Deloitte and Private Property as well as the full senior leadership team of Oracle (Eswatini).

I have decided that I want to spend 2023 integrating the insights that online teaching offered into my in-person teaching. I’m hoping to foreground the canonical activities even more than in the past and leave more of the theory to post-session slides and further reading suggestions. I’ve also accepted the challenge of taking responsibility for the conception and marking of the two EMBA Reflective Paper assignments which will inevitably deepen the learning (the age-old power of ‘it’s for marks’!)

Contact: chris.breen@uct.ac.za