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I subscribe to the idea that our intelligence is seen in our flexibility to adapt to the changing complexity of situations – both the people involved and their context. So intelligence is to be seen in our actions not in our thoughts and words.

So my teaching has aimed at optimizing the possibility of changes in action in participants.

And then came 2020 and COV-19 – and the world changed!

I suddenly found myself out-of-work, High Risk and locked-down. I had spent the past 34 years developing a teaching methodology for working face-to-face with people that, to me, would obviously not work on a remote platform. I started rationalizing that this was a clear message that it was time for me to fully retire.

So started a deep inner journey where past students kept interrupting any plans I had on hiding and feeling sorry for myself. I have tried to describe this experience in a couple of blogs on this website entitled  Love (and Work) in a Time of Corona: Parts One and Two

I ended the year once again prodded by a past student to run a 10 x 3 hour ZOOM Personal Leadership programme for Opennetworks. I found myself gaining confidence in the technology and in the surprising gifts that the platform provided in giving participants a greater degree of personal safety and the space for deep sharing and vulnerability. In a miraculous way, accepting the challenge of 2020 opened up the path for me to do what may well have been the most worthwhile teaching and learning experience of my life.

The year 2020 closed with the most unexpected and touching gift: Chris Breen – We Thank You


As 2021 begins with a spike in infections and an increased lockdown, my Teaching is confined to the following ZOOM-based offering:

Personal Leadership Programme. 12 x 3 hour ZOOM weekly sessions offered in three separate modules spread over three months.

I also offer Skype/ZOOM Coaching. particularly to people who have already completed a course with me.

If/When we return to face-to-face teaching, I will explore appropriate ways of re-introducing the Executive Leadership Programme. in a mixed delivery format. In the past this consisted of 3 x 2 day modules spread over 5 – 6 months with a follow-up day scheduled approximately six months after the end of module 3.

Other courses. At the moment this teaching is confined to the Executive MBA programme at UCT’s Graduate School of Business.

Contact: chris.breen@uct.ac.za