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‘Coaching’ is an area which has crept up on me over the past three years in an enjoyably challenging way. In the beginning my ‘coachees’ were people with whom I as currently working with or had already worked with on Personal Leadership programmes. This mean that we had already built up a trust relationship as well as a shared language, and an understanding of some of my basic foundational beliefs and methods. This foundation enabled us to quickly move into a deep exploration of possibility.

Common feedback from these past students was that they had chosen to come to me for additional exposure via ‘coaching’ because they knew that I would not be afraid to speak my mind and would not let them get away with fooling themselves!

More recently I have been approached by a few people who have steered my way by their friends or colleagues who have completed courses with me. This is a different sort of challenge as we start from scratch and have no immediate shared language, understanding or trust so have to feel our way into the process. It also makes me aware that normal coaching is far more gentle and ongoing, hence my use of ‘coaching’.

I think a more accurate description might be ‘MirrorCoaching‘. How can I listen deeply from a compassionate place and at the same time check out what I am hearing against my own lived experience? What challenges or different stories can I hold up to you in the mirror so that you can see how your mind and body reacts to them and decide where you want to take it.

These MirrorCoaching sessions currently take place via Skype or ZOOM and constantly evolve as a mutual process. I prefer it if we initially commit to two or three sessions with a specific focus in mind for each session and some reflection or reading or watching homework between sessions. Additional sessions can follow on from this beginning provided both of us see the merit in continuing.