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Personal Leadership Programme

My 2020 and 2021 COV-19 and ZOOM experiences have led me to reconceptualize this programme for online presentation. These past 18 months have been an amazing learning journey that you can find in my Love (and Work) in a Time of Corona Blogs.

The following updated description of the current PLP that I offer is based on the successful (Chris Breen – We Thank You) 2020 programme design and delivery for Opennetworks,  which I refined, developed and ran for Koreserv and the Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change (Camaren Peter CABC) in 2021.

Personal Leadership and The Three Marriages

Audience: Preferably in the range of 10 – 30 people.

Delivery: 12 x 3 hour ZOOM sessions spread over 3 modules (once a week on the same day with the same  link: e.g. Wednesdays 9 – 12) over 3 – 4 months. A hybrid format is also possible with some face-to-face sessions run in modules 2 and 3.

Attendance:  Aim at 100% attendance over full programme. Agreement on no cell phones and cameras on at all times.

Basic Concept: The focus is on Personal Leadership with the starting point that no-one is fit for Leadership if they cannot take responsibility for and lead themselves. The three modules (each containing 3 – 5 sessions) are loosely structured around David Whyte’s Three Marriages (Marriage to Self, Other and Work) although the Marriage to Self continues as a strand throughout the programme. The intention is to build increased self-awareness, self-confidence and reflective skills amongst participants and from this place, work to improve team relationships especially in areas such as clear and courageous communication and the building of trust between colleagues.

Methodology: As interactive a mixture between content, activities, and participant interaction through breakout rooms as possible.

Feedback: At the end of each session, participants send the facilitator private written comments and suggestions on the session via chat messages. Where appropriate, the facilitator responds to these comments by email.

Homework Check-in: There is an additional 1 hour slot at the start of the intermodular period where participants report on their successes in practicing new skills.

Coaching: Provision is made for individual coaching sessions where appropriate.

Rough Content Guide:

Module 1: Marriage to Self (5 weekly sessions).

Topics: Disrupting Certainty; Subjective Bias; Introducing Complexity; Marriage to Self; I am Good Enough; Reclaiming Self; Starting Habits to ensure Self-Care and Well-being.

Module 2: Marriage to Other (4 weekly sessions).

Vulnerability; Words Create Worlds; Shadow Projection Work; Hinge Moments; Archetypes.

Module 3: Marriage to Work (3 weekly sessions).

Diversity Conversations; Trust; Inter-personal Appreciation and Growth feedback; The Way Ahead.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]