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Other Courses

Each year I also teach on several other programmes run by individuals or institutions. The best model occurs in programmes which consist of 4 – 5 modules. On these I teach one day on each module on the theme of Personal Leadership. My focus is on getting participants to take responsibility for their own taken-for-granted assumptions and beliefs and to learn ways of staying grounded and adult even when placed under extreme pressure. Skills such as deep listening, presence and awareness, gratitude and appreciation and the development of an outer witness are introduced and then deepened on each subsequent session in an attempt to develop ways of ensuring intelligent action.

I was particularly moved when one of the UCT M.Phil in Development Policy and Practice students, Ringisai Chikohomero, thanked me for my contribution to his learning by reading out a poem that he had written especially for the annual Gala Dinner.

In recent years I have contributed to courses for Denel, Adcorp, ABSA, Bank of Windhoek, MMI and First Rand and these are some of the comments made by participants:.

Chris is an asset to this programme that is difficult to quantify or express in words. He shakes and moves people and influences them in a very short time.

It’s always great attending your lectures. You allow a safe space and make me feel comfortable, while at the same time stretching me.

Chris is a master in making me get in touch with the playful, childish part of me, to let go of the constraints I impose on myself, to let go of my fears.

It is amazing how much more I learn from being in the experience rather than listening to a presentation.