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Senior Leadership Programme (SLP)

The Senior Leadership Programme (SLP) is conceptualized as consisting of 4 x 3 – 4 hour sessions over a 2-4 month period. It is aimed at the top level of decision-making in the company – preferably consisting of staff who have completed the Personal Leadership Programme (PLP).

PLP operates on a variety of levels. At its most basic, it both inducts new staff into the fundamentals covered in the PLP and acts as a refresher for alumni of that programme. However, its main intention is to shift the focus from the individual and their Marriage to Self to the fundamental accountabilities for choice that are necessary for Working Together in the Marriage to Work. SLP thus sets up more breakout room possibilities for staff to give feedback to each other and make commitments to the work that needs to be done. 

Ideally, sessions and 1 and 4 will take place face-to-face. An added bonus would be to hold one of these sessions in Cape Town  and plan on setting a day aside for the Leadership-in-Action Exercise.

The ideal size of the group will be 10 – 12 people.

Topics covered will include: Awareness; Presence; Asking for Help; Marriage to Self; Micro-identities and Microworlds; Archetypes; Leadership Council; Trust; Wisdom and Ethical Action.

Dear Chris. I want to congratulate you on an outstanding performance and great feedback with a very high satisfaction rate for your sessions. I am extremely happy that all went so well. I am super proud of “my old teacher”. Hendrik Schaefer, Medical Director: New Diseases and Partnering, F.Hoffman-La Roche Ltd.